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Our Story

I created this training from my love of the art of feng shui and all it has done for me. I live an exquisite life because of my exposure to this information, and I wish that for everyone.

My life would certainly not be where it is or anywhere near it if I had not been blessed enough to have been exposed to such priceless teachings. For over two decades, I learned at the knee of countless teachers and had the fortunate ability to be able to extrapolate and translate many of the esoteric principles into easy-to-learn concepts.

Now, many of these great teachers have passed. I wanted to record and save their wisdom for those who have a calling and passion for feng shui in the future.

Among other things, I consider the archived footage of these recordings my feng shui legacy, and as long as I am able, I want to help others grasp these teachings and serve all who wish to take in this life-altering information.

I know this information can help lives. I know this information can save lives. The question is, are you willing to allow it to help you?

I wasn’t exactly sure why I took this course. After all, I’d just retired and the last thing I wanted to do was begin a new career as a feng shui consultant, but I considered it might be fun to keep my mind sharp and retirement conversations interesting. Boy, was I in for a shock! This is a serious course, wonderfully thorough and beautifully presented, yet just when you think you’ve got a handle on all the book learning, Karen throws you into the ring to conquer another real time consultation. It’s exhilarating! And more fun than four cruises to Alaska.

Beyond the shear enjoyment of taking the course, my health improved.  I’m growing younger! I’ve learned many subtle tips and for improving my own life I’d never have learned otherwise, such as why I no longer slept well. I couldn’t lay flat when in bed.  I’d developed sleep apnea – until I learned I could change all that by cutting down the avocado tree that had grown tall enough to arch onto the roof and wall outside my bedroom. Within three weeks I was once again enjoying uninterrupted, healthy sleep. Other good things have been happening financially as well.

Was the course worth the cost? Yes. Even if you only use the knowledge for improving your own life – some things, like these, are priceless.

Pegi Dahl

Karen Rauch Carter

Karen Rauch Carter

Creator of Inspired Feng Shui Consultant Certification Course

Karen is a professional feng shui consultant and healthy-lifestyle designer, educator, and the best-selling author of Move Your Stuff, Change Your Life and Make a Shift, Change Your Life. She coaches, trains, and empowers people to use a variety of techniques to enrich and improve all areas of their lives.

Karen’s methodology integrates time-tested, researched, and newly-discovered practices for bodies, minds, spirits, and surroundings. Simply stated, Karen is a well-studied and experienced designer of healthy homes and vibrant lifestyles. She motivates her clients and audiences to rethink their day-to-day choices by implementing simple fixes for home, health, relationships, and more.

Sara Wagers

Sara Wagers

Online Business Manager

Sara is an Online Business Strategist and the founder of Virtual Biz Partner. She teams up with empire building online business owners to help take care of day-to-day business management and set a strategy for lasting growth. With 3 years experience in this role, plus 10 years as a bookkeeper, Sara has a proven track record of managing and growing businesses while simplifying strategies, systems and technology.

Based in small town Missouri, Sara is the busy mom to a son and two stepdaughters. She’s living life to the fullest with a man she met on a blind date (she went for the free meal – who knew?). In her spare time she enjoys motorcycles and is currently learning to play the guitar.

Paige Zak

Paige Zak

Office Manager/Support